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When you use the services of Miramar La Cigale, you trust us to collect, process and store your information. Confidentiality and respect for individuals are an integral part of our corporate culture. We guarantee the confidentiality of our guests' information at all times and allow you to access, modify or delete your details.
The following privacy policy is designed to tell you what information we collect and for what purpose. You will also find out how to access, export and delete your stored information. Under no circumstances does Miramar La Cigale give third parties access to the personal information you provide to us for commercial use of your information.

Information collected by Miramar La Cigale

The information we collect is used to meet the needs of our customers during their stay at Miramar La Cigale, to collect their opinions and comments after departure and to establish a commercial relationship for a possible future stay for former and future customers. This may include basic information such as your name, first name and address. It may also include information such as your booking preferences, room history and items consumed during your previous stay, such as food preferences, all in order to provide you with a quality service that meets your expectations.  The data collected is stored on secure servers using the latest technology to protect its integrity.


We collect information at several points:

- Before you book: when we send you a price quote
- During your reservation: when you book your stay with your contact details and your choices directly or on the website.
- During your stay/presence: the history of your treatment programmes, the choice of an additional treatment or a preference for room service, the various satisfaction surveys offered in the restaurant, in your room, in the thalasso.
- After your departure: a satisfaction survey is automatically sent on D+1 after your departure, you can object to it by simply requesting it from reception at the time of your departure.

The data allows us to provide you with a quality service

By providing us with your information and preferences, you allow us to improve the quality of our services during your stay, to increase our efficiency by following up on incidents and to ensure a personalised service at all times, to best meet your expectations. For example, knowing that you are used to consuming a particular type of treatment allows us to offer you specific exclusive offers.

Improve and monitor the quality of our services
Your feedback is invaluable to us and allows us to analyse your overall satisfaction with your stay as well as by service. This information is stored directly in your customer profile and allows us to continually improve our service. For example, if you mention that the air-conditioning is too loud, we can intervene to resolve this issue and ensure that we deliver on our promise of excellence.

Providing personalised services
We use the information we collect to tailor our services to your expectations and needs. This information allows us to better prepare you for your visit to our hotel, to ensure a quality service during your stay, but in no case do we collect sensitive information (race, religion, sexual orientation, politics).

Exchanging with you
The conservation of your data such as your email address (within the time limit imposed by the law) allows us to exchange with you before your arrival with emails of price proposals, emails of confirmation of reservation, emails of additional services, and after your departure with emails of analysis of satisfaction and commercial emails (newsletters, events, exclusive offers, etc). In addition, we keep a record of the history of our exchanges, which allows us to resolve any problems encountered or to access your request more easily.

The RGPD does not change the rules applicable to prospecting emails. These rules depend on the e-Privacy Directive, which has been incorporated into French law in Article L.34-5 of the French Post and Electronic Communications Code, which states: "Direct marketing by means of an automatic calling machine, fax machine or electronic mail using, in any form whatsoever, the contact details of a natural person who has not expressed his or her prior consent to receive direct marketing by this means is prohibited. [... However, direct prospecting by electronic mail is authorised if the recipient's contact details have been collected directly from him/her, in compliance with the provisions of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, files and freedoms, in the context of a sale or provision of services, if the direct prospecting concerns similar products or services provided by the same natural or legal person, and if the recipient is offered, in an express and unambiguous manner, the possibility of objecting, free of charge, apart from those linked to the transmission of the refusal, and in a simple manner, to the use of his contact details when these are collected and each time a prospecting e-mail is sent to him. "

Automation and use of data

Our information system is designed to guarantee the security of your data and our infrastructure. The management of this information involves the use of software for booking, managing, invoicing, etc. Concerning the automation of data processing, some of the information you entrust to us is transferred outside the European Union (to the USA or the US) and is regulated by the European Commission's Standard Contractual Clauses model 2001 and has been submitted to the Commission Informatique et Liberté for validation through Simplified Standard 48: Customer-Prospect Files. This information is entrusted to the company TravelClick, Inc, based in New York (USA) which guarantees maximum data security, located in a data centre at a secret location. Under no circumstances will TravelClick, Inc. use your data for commercial purposes or transfer it to a third party (in accordance with Section 11.1 of the European Commission's 2001 Model Standard Contractual Clauses). Under the GDPR, TravelClick, Inc. has complied with the elements of the new regulation as required by European law.

You decide what information we collect and how we use it

Right to be forgotten and right to consultation

You can check and update or delete your information at any time. The General Data Protection Regulation offers you the possibility to consult your personal data and to delete your personal data in our databases.
You can make a request for "right to portability or deletion" or "right to consultation and rectification" by simple online request, and after processing and verification of your information, your request will be processed.

> Consultation request form

> Deletion request form

Request to end consent to processing

You are free to terminate any data processing by simple request, even if you have given your consent in the past. Please send us your request using this form. Upon receipt, we will terminate the data processing (if any) and destroy your personal information in our database.

Data retention and legislation

Legal framework

Being located in France, Miramar La Cigale must comply with the legislation in force which may impose, in certain cases, a conservation of data to meet the needs of the legislator. This retention imposed by the law is limited in time and in no case will Miramar La Cigale be able to keep your data longer than the framework imposed by the law. For accounting, security or management reasons, some of your data may be retained without us needing to receive your consent.

Retention and deletion

The following is the retention period and the date from which we delete your personal data:
- Personal details for canvassing: 12 months - prospects who have contacted Miramar La Cigale to obtain a commercial proposal by telephone, live, via the website, etc.
- Personal details of Miramar La Cigale customers: 36 months - customers, whether or not they have stayed at Miramar La Cigale and used a service.
- Reservation History: 36 months - history of reservations made at Miramar La Cigale including the length of stay, the check-in and check-out dates, the room chosen, the restaurant and thalasso consumption and the total amount of the stay.
- Thalasso history: 36 months - we will delete the elements concerning thalassotherapy.
- Satisfaction survey history: 36 months - directly integrated into your profile, these surveys allow us to improve the quality of our services.